ASICS and the Australian Standard width for runners

The Australian what you say? The Australian standard runner width. Well for those Americans out there, us Aussies do not have the luxury of selecting the width we want for our runners. I guess it’s because we don’t have the population size.  Stores may now and then offer a non-standard width for a particularly model however we cannot go, yes ASICS kayano in a D width thank you much.

From my research (and let me tell you it wasn’t easy as our runners do not specify the width on the labels) I discovered the following:

  • Width “B” is the standard for female runners
  • Width “D” is the standard for male runners

To my knowledge this should be consistent across brands. Well I can definitely say this is true for both ASICS and Brookes.

If you are asking the question you are most likely considering purchasing your runners abroad. Am I correct? Well the other thing to note (assuming you are looking at ASICS), is that distributors of ASICS in the USA disallow retailers to ship abroad. Bummer!!! Well not all is lost, you have 2 options:

  1. Use a mail forwarding company. I used Bongo International. Shipping is a little expensive as they use Fedex however it is still cheaper than buying the runners in Australia. My brand new and latest ASIC Kayano costed around $130 AUD inclusive of delivery charges.  I did however bought 5 runners at the same time as I had that many friends who wanted new runners :O I was impressed with the service from Bongo. Received my runners in 3 days (from the point the runners arrived at the forwarding company). Please note that the advantage of a mail forwarding company is that you can buy from multiple locations, have them shipped to your personal lot address and shipped in one go – saving shipping cost.  My runners were purchased from
  2. Buy your ASICS from the UK. My colleague did exactly this via one of my favourite online shops where I buy all my bicycle gears. No it’s not Chain Reaction but Wiggles. She advised that hers (ASIC Nimbus) costed $13o including shipping as well.  This is probably more hassle free unless there are other stuff you want to get from the US 🙂

BTW I would recommend you trying on the exact pair of runners at a place like Athletics Foot before making your purchase. Fit is VERY important. In regards to Athletic Foot the service was great! They taught me all I needed to know about runners and was so patient in allowing me to try different styles. If the price difference wasn’t so much I would of definitely purchased from them (ASICS Kayano’s are $250 each). Australian retailers would need to rethink their strategy to avoid being another Borders or Angus and Robertson. I think consumers are willing to pay more for the service however not double the price considering the strong AUD.  Aussie retailers have had a long enough free lunch and now it’s time to be realistic and competitive on a global basis.


4 thoughts on “ASICS and the Australian Standard width for runners

  1. I agree – I was a bit worried that I couldn’t choose the width online but they seem to be ok. I got my first trainers at Athletes Foot and they were great. Also went to the one at Iron Cove (Running Science?) and they put you on a treadmill to look at your pronation. They were excellent as well. But ultimately it comes down to cost and I’d rather buy online and keep the extra $110 in my pocket, not theirs.

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