Happy Birthday to me….. well my blog

Happy birthday to me….. or shall I say my blog. 13mths to date. Missed my 1 year anniversary. Time has just flown. This time last year I published my first posting (click here to view). I recalled being very weary and feeling very exposed. Well lots of changed since then. I am now excited to get comments and questions from strangers.  Comments that I have inspired them to renovate, comments that my blog may be able to help in a tribunal against a doggy tradie, comments that the tips are practical and useful. I’m glad my blog has made a small impact in this world WIDE WEB.  Thanks for your support and encouragements. With the now new look and feel, hopefully it is also easier to locate topics.  Keep up the comments and suggestions.

Can you believe if you typed for “English Castle Wattyl” in google my blog will appear on the first page.  My boyfriend said that’s quite impressive for a personal blog.  Hmmm….I suppose so. In March 2011, I have received 751 hits. That’s an average of 26 hits per day, an increase of 136% from the last month.  Now that’s nowhere near the 1 million hit WordPress requires to be eligible for a VIP subscription but it’s a start. Let’s hope I can keep up the momentum 😛

FYI the most popular pages to date (with the number of hits) in descending order are:

Before and After Shots 279
How to Paint a wall? 244
Scullery and Holz – What a disappointment! 134
3D TV – It’s a Sony. NX710. Wow! Now that’s something. 102

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