Some things are meant to be… How I determined my colour scheme?

Have you ever thought that sometimes some things are just meant to be……. it’s either fate or destiny. My belief is that fate creates opportunities however it is still up to the individual to make the most of what is presented.  It will be very sad to believe that you have no say in your future. The Asian culture believes that your star sign is a strong determinate. A “ox” must work hard, a “dragon” is always lucky etc. Being almost ABC (i.e. an Australian Born Chinese) my theory is naturally a “fusion” between the east and west. 30% pre-determined destiny / 70% action.

To relate to the above I have a funny story to tell about how I choose the colour scheme to my new apartment (besides taking into account the usual stuff like lighting, size of room, outdoor colours etc). The sequence of events were:

  1. Sometime ago I was flicking through a magazine. Can’t remember what the advertisement was. The only thing I remembered is that I liked the concept that the entrance was painted a darker colour. This contrasted to the adjoining room drawing your eye to the entrance.   I gave myself a mental note. “Like” – Keep in mind.
  2. On a separate occasion I was at a cafe and asked my boyfriend to pick up some magazines on the way back from the toilet. He picked up the April 2011 issue of the House & Garden magazine. It was a great issue with renovation tips. The front colour was an attractive blue room. I gave myself another mental note – “Like” – keep in mind.

    April 2011 H&G Issue

  3. When it came to determining the colour scheme for my apartment, everything just fell into place. It was kinda effortless.  The Porter’s Rubble, left over from painting my boyfriend’s house would go nicely in the kitchen and bathroom. The rest of the apartment would be Dulux “Natural white” (this is the colour a friend used. It would also go nicely with my new dark chocolate/grey tone carpet. See pic below).  What was left was to simply confirm that the Porter’s “Jodphur” blue swatch was as nice as the magazine.  It was, even after some comparison to other blues at Porter’s paint. Naturally this will be applied to my small entrance hall. I have yet to make a decision on whether I would like a feature wall in the lounge. We’ll just have to see how I go this weekend 🙂

    Always confirm using samples and swatches that your combinations complement each other.

So fate or choice? Once again it’s arguable. I would say that fate presented the concepts / pictures however if I weren’t paying attention or taking note, nothing would of happened. If I didn’t link up the concepts to how I can apply them, nothing would happen.

As to the lady I bumped into at the Cremorne “Inspirational 3D” shop, that is definitely fate. I was buying all my paint when the lady spotted me with the Porter’s “Jodphur” blue swatch. She was with a colour consultant who had picked out similar colours. She asked for my recommendation however I was weary of offending the consultant.  Obviously mine was nicer 😛 All I said was that I preferred this blue since I am buying it. The outcome? She ended up picking this blue for her boys room. It’s funny how one event can kicks off another.

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