Totally exhausted…..

Totally exhausted. Basically have been sanding for 8 hours today.  My boyfriend had an excellent idea that we would finish all the prep work in one day.  This way, we can spend Sunday sanding and next weekend painting , essentially finishing all our painting in 2 weekends.  This would also mean less washing (as washing rollers is a pain in the butt). Fortunately for me I wouldn’t know. My boyfriend calls me the artist. I only paint and give him the task of washing up 🙂

Think it’s been a while since we’ve pick up the brush and we were a little too ambiguous. Totally forgot that prep work is the most consuming AND the most tiring task.  The idea sounded great until 4 hours into the task, my left arm  and right arm decided to think otherwise 😛

In the past we always focused on one room. That is, sand and putty, then lunch. By the time we came back from lunch the putty would be dry. We can then sand back the putty, sugar soap, blue tape and then 1 coat and we could call it a day, leaving the 2nd coat for the weekend after. This works well as you use different muscles when you are sanding and painting. It also breaks up the monotonous task, gives you more satisfaction by seeing resuts and gives your lung a breather. Note: Always make sure you where a mask.

Anyway, 8 hours later at least I can say that we did finish preparing 1 bedroom, the corridor and the lounge. Not bad, though I’m sure tomorrow we’ll pay. Let’s see how we go next weekend.  The aim is to complete 1 coat of paint on the walls and to paint the bedroom ceiling. We bought the Dulux Once Ceiling paint. Will be interesting to see whether this works. A 2L can was more costly than the 4L standard so I certainly hope so. Makes me wonder why they don’t make all paint 1 coat.

BTW, so you may ask, so which is better? Prep in one go or room by room? It’s personal. Consideration may go the number of rooms you have, if you have furniture in the house to afford dust to be flying everywhere and whether you need a little motivation along the way to break up the monotonous task. Right now with my neck and shoulders a little achy, I am leaning towards room by room. However if we were able to complete the prep work over 2 days rather than 1, maybe the answer is to complete the prep work first.

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