Chinese ceramic pots – Oriental meets english country

Last weekend I discovered a closing down Chinese porcelain shop walking to lunch in Cabramatta.  What attracted me was a 70% off closing down sign.  Having searched sometime for a chinese garden ceramic stool, I gave myself a mental note to stop by after lunch.  I didn’t expect much as walked up the narrow set of stairway. And boy I am glad I did. I found what I wanted and more.

BTW my theory? If you want to buy Chinese ceramics? You need to buy them from a Chinese shop.  Buying Chinese ceramics sold by western people would only mean premium prices. If you’ve been to Orient House in Glebe you would know what I mean. What are you paying for? Well, you are paying for the service that all the crap is sorted out. Only the trendy stuff is displayed so you can easily visualise how it would look in your home. If you view this as an interior design consultant price, then I guess it is ok.  As for me, being Chinese, I cannot get myself to pay the premium prices. Particularly when I know everything is negotiable. 🙂 Even when it’s already supposedly 70% off. Just take yourself back to memory lane on a last trip to China. Bargaining should be fun and done with humor.

So what did I buy you ask? I bought my garden stools for $320 a pair (usually they are $300 for one and the style is very plan) and a pair of vase for $60 each. My sister did even better. Her stool was $60.

Note:  A stool is great as it:

  1. Is very versatile. It can act as a side table or an extra seat for times when there are too many guests.
  2. Is decorative and can act as a statement to the room.

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