The importance of lighting

Did anyone ever tell you about the importance of lighting? It can totally change the way a space feels. A lighting expert’s advice that was given to my sister is that the center piece (eg. a pendant) is often only for decoration. What lights up the room are up-lights.  Up-lights are great as it gives a soft glow, lightens the entire room and is not hot like it’s cousin the down lights.  And if you need more light for reading? Well then that is a perfect excuse to buy a reading lamp 🙂

Tip is to get the electrician to wire up the uplights so that you can test the positioning and lighting effectiveness. Don't place uplights too close to corners as the diameter of the light ray will be cut in half. Resulting in less effective lighting.

The pendant light does not light the entire room, this is the job of the uplights.

With art hangers it is best to go 1/3 above the art hangers OR 1/3 below the ceiling height. In our situation I believe 1/3 above is best in terms of look and lighting effectiveness, as the ceiling height is 3m+.Never go halfway between art hanger and ceiling. Maybe this is the third rule designers often refer to.


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