Garden update

It’s been a while since we’ve had a garden update. Here are some pics and tips. Unfortunately not long after these photos were taken we have a few casualties from the 43 degree heat weekend that recently passed. Even our mature hedges got burnt 😦

In summary, learning’s are:

  • Ensure you leave adequate space otherwise it will create more maintenance when your plant out grows the space.
  • Ensure your new plants will not deprive the existing vegetation of sun when it grows. Otherwise expect some very sorry looking plants 😦 In other words be aware that your plants can change the micro environment.
  • Think long term. Tough love is sometimes what is required. Prune back hard. If not, you just may have to do it a second time.
  • Position plants in aspects that are suited to them. It makes a noticeable difference. If in doubt just test and try. If the plant looks sad, move it and see if it looks better elsewhere.

My Bonsai was looking a bit burnt in the backyard. Move it to the entrance and it looking much healthier. Select the right aspect for your plants.

Cuttings below maple tree has filled out nicely.

Pot looks much better under the palm tree

Pot provides a focal point and breaks up the square/formal look. Next thing is to curve our the hedges with maybe borders of liriope or mondo grass

Changed the centre pot. We placed the original agave in the terrocotta pots in the front garden

A hard prune of the purple grass did the trick

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