Eurocave’s Sowine

Received my new toy in the post. Great eBay merchant was prompt and everything arrived as promised. Lucky for me the voltage is compatible to Australia and I do not need a USA converter. So much cheaper than Macphees, the Australia distributor of Eurocave. I can’t believe they have not revised their price since the AUD appreciation. Are they making the additional 30%+margin? Macphees also do not sell the stainless steel colour option. Just black at $650 AUD. Definitely not worth it.

Well what does this gadget do you ask? This little gadget will now enable me to enjoy a glass of wine without being worried that I cannot finish the entire bottle. As prescribe by my Dr I can have a glass a day to keep the doctors away 😛 You can preserve to a maximum of 10 days. It works by creating a vacuum, stopping the oxidation.  The Sowine also keeps my wine at the right serving temperature. Here a you tube video of how it works:

Will have to put it to the test. 🙂

Eurocave SoWine

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