3D TV – It’s a Sony. NX710. Wow! Now that’s something.

First I’ll like to point out that I did not buy a TV for the 3D functionality.  It all started out from browsing post Christmas sales, trying to find a bargain. My TV requirement was something thin, hence LED. The original plan was to get a supplementary TV, hence I only went 40 inch and did not do extensive research.  My super quick research narrowed the choices to Samsung 7 series versus Sony NX710. I’m sure this is a common problem for Sony who is losing huge market share. Whoever is handling the Samsung marketing is doing a great job. Not sure if you have noticed. However the majority of Samsung TVs are  generally displayed standalone, in a more prominent location and attached to their own bluray player (often with Monster Inc running). If you are comparing this to a Sony that is running on standard TV reception or sharing it’s DVD reception and on a wall with thousands of other TVs…well….it gets a bit lost. Anyway you get the drift. Just keep this in mind when you are comparing picture quality. I wonder whether retailer are getting extra incentives from Samsung?

Anyway I think I’m getting off track. I won’t go into detail between Samsung and Sony as my research was SUPER quick and I believe there are many websites that provide better details.  In short, I did end up with the Sony. Called me a loyalist or whatever. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was how cool the 3D functionality is. After buying my TV, my Bing Lee salesperson called me advising Sony just started a promotion and that I can come to pick up my free 3D glass and transmitter. Now that is SUPER after sale service for you!!! Considering this would of costed $168 (ie.$99+$69)!!! If I was not given it free? Forget it. However since it was free, how can you resist but to buy an extra pair of glasses and a 3D Bluray to test it out. After 1 movie? I am sold.

Conclusion? 3D will take some time to pick up until they can reduce the price of the glasses and supply more choices of 3D Blurays. However, if you are like me and have been given free transmitter and glass, and am wondering whether to spend $39 at JBHI on a 3D Bluray, I’ll say what are you waiting for. Give it a try! Once you do you can’t go back 🙂 On the other hand if you have to fork at additional $$$ for the transmitter and the glasses, then maybe ……. wait, particularly if you have a large family. Musical chairs? Now you see it, now you don’t 😦

To understand how 3D bluray works and what you need to get set up see the 101 page @ Amazon. This is where I found all the things I needed to know.


To recap for those interested, the reason to my choice was:

  1. I prefer the aesthetics of Sony. One piece of glass without a border. Does not look cheap unless you buy series 9.
  2. I do not watch sports so getting the Samsung which offers 200 HZ will not make much differences to my Sony 100 HZ.
  3. Sony provides wifi access while Samsung requires an ethernet cable.
  4. I have friends who had Samsung TVs with defaults. Having said this, the warranty service was great.
  5. It had extra incentives where I was able to negotiate the price to $1560 from $1799. DJ’s were selling them for $1954.

Note: At the time I purchased my Sony, Samsung was having a promotion giving away a pair of 3D glasses, the transmitter, 1 x 3D Bluray and a 22 inch TV. Not bad!

3 thoughts on “3D TV – It’s a Sony. NX710. Wow! Now that’s something.

  1. Nice choice! my brother has the same i think and he got those freebies too! picture is so clear especially when you have PS3 hooked up. games look amazing.

  2. I’m thinking of buying the same TV, and about the Samsung having it’s own display with it’s own blueray; it’s the same thing here in Sweden.

    • Nice. Haven’t had any prob with the tv thus far. I believe the price has gone down significantly since my post. Think technology on 3D is still moving though. Maybe one day we no longer need glasses. The only con I see is that u cannot lie down horizontally with your 3d glasses as it won’t work. Not sure if samsung is the same.

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