Flowers and mirrors…a female touch

Ever heard of the comment, “it’s missing the female touch”? Before you say anything, I acknowledge that this is totally stereotyping as I do have male friends who exceed their female counterpart. However, following the cliche, a typical male decorated room is often very functional, “full stop”. Elements that satisfy other senses are forgotten as these are deemed “like to have” and not necessary.  It is particularly challenging when these elements are last on the list. By the time you get to this part, you are often over spending weekends on household activities OR out of money.

Unfortunately it is these elements that gives a house it’s ambience, making it homely and inviting. Enough said! So what am I referring to? Some but not all are:

  • Lighting via the use of up lights, lamps or candles.
  • Tingling the sense of smell via the use of flowers, aromatherapy or candles.
  • Creating the illusion of space using mirrors.
  • Personalising the space with objects or pictures.

I have only started this phase. This will be a long journey as it takes time to find the right items. It is often these little items that are hard to find. Here are some pics.

All things should be practical. Always good to have a mirror in the hallway so you and guests can check themselves before leaving.

Flowers always brightens up the place. You can always use a nice jug as a vase.

Mirror in the hallway creates the illusion of space. Also, brings the garden into the house when the window is open

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