Pest Free – Scare away the roaches

Recently my boyfriend’s mother asked me where I bought my Pest free. This reminded me that I’ve always intended to blog about it. What is pest free you ask? Well it’s an electronic device that makes cockroaches and rats come out of their hiding.  How it works is that it sends electrical pulses through the house’s standard wiring. These pulses make it uncomfortable for rats and cockroaches.  They claim, one of the main differentiator  is that the pulse is not continuous, hence our little friends do not get use to the rhythm.

Now you may ask, so if they come out of hiding, isn’t there where I live!  That’s exactly right! Well the idea is that that you surface spray or set traps so that they die when they come out and play.  I can vouch that this little device works. For the first 3 weeks of use I had cockroach nightmares. They WERE EVERYWHERE! Lurking around every corner. Just to give my live a little excitement.

Lucky for me, these little buggers eventually died OR escaped (ie. probably to my next door neighbour). To reduce the 3 weeks of nightmares I would recommend having the pest control over first.  This would mean all your surfaces have been sprayed so there is no escape.

Wondering what these devices look like? Below is a pic.

You can buy one of these at


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