It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been overseas for 5 weeks. Predominately roaming Eastern Europe with the likes of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and finally Istanbul (Turkey). Traveling always make you appreciate home. The comfort, the weather, the variety and quality of food and the simplicity of a clean bed and quiet room. Ahh……….

Oh, where was I? Yes, well at the end of a long trip, particularly when you have rough it out a little….. well “roughing it out” is all relative. 🙂 Does it justify if I was rewarded the medal of bravery from a friend after multiple bites from Mr Dracula himself (or maybe some/many fleas or bed bugs).I still have scars to show and tell ;P

Anyway, continuing  on….at the end of a long trip you often crave for the luxuries of the developed nation. First comes of non-durable items like a hair cut, facial and manicure. I completed this in HK all in the space of 2 days. Then on the material side, I couldn’t help but got caught in the Apple craze. Bought a 64G+3G iPad 😛 This was certainly an easy decision since my 5 weeks of travel involved a lot of 5-11 hours of train rides where I would wished had 2 things.

1. An ebook so I can read whatever I wanted without the load.

2. A device to watch movies and to clear my photo memory card. At the time I was tossing with the idea of buying something. Maybe the new Samsung galaxy tablet or the ipad. However no solid decisions.

Blame it on the all high AUD all cravings have been satisfied. To be continued on how, what, why and some feedback 🙂

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