Soil Conditioning vs fertilising

I was asked last week what the difference is between soil conditioning and fertilising. My first response is that they are the same. Upon reflecting here is another attempt.

Fertilising is the generic term that takes into account all sorts of fertilising (eg. when you use slow release fertilisers in pots such as osmocote or liquid fertilisers such as Charlie Carp). Slow release or liquid fertilisers are often quick fixes, providing the additional boost.

The term “soil conditioning” is used when longer term solutions are made (Eg. When we use blood and bone, dynamic lifter or cow manure to condition our soil so that the nutrients are holistically absorbed into the soil for a long term impact).

In short the above are just semantics. Usually both terms are used interchangeably.

Ignore the semantics and happy gardening. There is no harm with a little trial and error. Be quick to condition your soil and mulch before Spring/Summer hits.

Before - A refresh of potting mix

After - With the help of a little charlie carp and TLC

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