Contrast and interesting OR peaceful but can be boring

In determining your colour scheme there is always the choice between being safe versus bold. To be bold, you can either “make it” or “break it”.  Safe options often are associated with light colours creating a peaceful atmosphere. This can look very nice however at the same time it may/can be boring. To cut the story short being the adventurer we are, we decided to go with the later. That is, the bold and more contrast look. I have yet to decide whether I prefer this look. Had it all conceptually in my head 😛 What do you think? Probably a premature question as I think the complementary decor and lighting would make a huge difference.

Wattyl english castle corridor. The concept was to lead the eye to the main rooms like the dining room, kitchen and family room and to the frosted glass door to emphasise the details.

Have yet to paint the kitchen and family room.

Porter Rubble (in Dulux base) combines well with Wattyl english castle

Certainly looks good looking out from the laundry. Nice contrast to the Dulux Seanote.

Hint: Buying paint using a different base can result in very different tones even if the company has developed/matched the formula. We bought the Wattyl English castle using the Dulux base and the colour was totally different. Lucky for us we were able to return the paint. The colour match is closer for light colours.

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