Photos as promised…

Finally some photo updates from last week’s efforts.

Second succulent arrangement - Combining different forms and colours

Frangipani with Dichrondra Silver Falls and Kidney weed, acting as natural mulch

Creating edging around buxus in an attempt to stop weeds and the grass from overtaking our poor dwarf mondo

New pots we bought last week

Left 2 - New pots we bought last week. Couldn't resist as they were 25% off @ 4 seasons.

Little decorative touches making a difference….

Changed the toilet seat. It's the small touches that make the difference.

This week’s efforts. A rush before Winter kicks in 😦

Created plastic edging and curved space under camellia tree. Another garden bed for more plants. Yippee!

Planted dwarf Mondo grass. Hopefully this, along with the plastic edging will stop the weeds.

Half planted Lamium Maculatum 'White Nancy' with Ajuga 'Reptan' Common Bungle. A great combino for shade areas.


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