Another productive weekend

Back is slightly aching after 5-6 hours of gardening. Don’t you hate daylight saving. Significantly shortens the day, though my back may thank that 🙂 Not sure how the oldies do it. Guess it’ll have to be small maintenance work, rather than creating new garden beds or borders. I’ll have to post the photo progress separately as I didn’t get a chance to take the shot before dark. Well after months of hard work we are finally nearly there. Finished the border of Festa Glauca around the Japanese buxus, dug out the dying ‘snow in summer’ and replaced with drifts of ‘Poa siberania’ bluegrass and Ajuga ‘Common Bungle’ (appears to be much smaller than the ‘Ajuga Reptan’ or ‘Caitlin giants’, potted another container of succulents etc.

The next updates is that we’ve FINALLY finished painting the corridor. Changing the front door from white to brown creates a focal point and draws the eye to the door. Makes it more interesting. The next step is to decorate the walls with a collage of photos. Can’t wait as I think it is these personalisations that make the place feel like home.

Before - Dated look with persian runners and walls with a yellow tinge. Can't really see it in the photo.

After - Corridor in Porters 'White Truffle', door in Wattyl 'Wild Yukon'.

After - Shoe cabinet provides a convenient location to drop keys/wallets.

Decorated the front entrance. Provide interest for visitors by creating a range of interesting lead up before they reach the door.

One of my favourite purchases from Dandenong. Ceramic love birds sitting above buxus via a stake. How smart or shall I say creative 🙂 Only in melbourne.

PS. Sorry for the poor photo quality above as I used my iPhone camera 😦

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