Gardens at the Dandenong

The last time I was into wine, our trips revolved around vineyards. Attending a wedding in Melbourne last weekend I took the opportunity to visit the Dandenong. Now that I am into gardening, the destinations naturally revolve around gardens. There are a few must visit gardens and nurseries in the Dandenong. They are:

  • Cloudehill nursery – Great for lunch! Beautiful garden.
  • National Rhododendron Garden – Have all the types of Rhododendron you can think of.
  • Alfred Nicholas Memorials – Great water features.

Once again, my boyfriend and I were the youngest visitors 🙂 I suppose it’s a weekday however it is a shame that the generation nowadays are so city-like. There is something about being close to nature that is so relaxing. It’s only when you are close to nature that you appreciate it.

Mega-size me mushrooms

Unusual translucent leaves. No idea what plant this is.

Did some use a jaggard scissors? Leaves were soft to touch.

A Chinese Persimon - Great Autumn colours!

Topiary at Cloudehill Nursery

Adding sculptures to your garden adds interest @Cloudehill Nursery

Protea - Native to South Africa. Often mistaken as one of our own (eg. Waratah)

Love the carpet effect. Soften the rock border. Do I have rocks in my garden? 😛

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