It’s been a while since my last update….

It’s been a while since I last gave my update. Well what have we been up to? There is so much to talk about. I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons that may be worthwhile sharing:

  1. Everything looks good in “threes”. In the past you may have noticed that I planted some plants in alternating order. There was something not right however I could not say what. I have recently transplanted these plants so that they still alternate however as a bunch of threes. Let me tell you it looks much better. I always knew the theory of planting in mass however never made the connection for border. Derh….
  2. A  “drift” border……a what you say? A drift border is when you alternate your plants rather than planting rows of the same plant. Drift borders are often less formal and provides more variety rather than having one row of the same plant. This is particularly useful when you do not have enough width to plant a row of a varying plant.
  3. Rota Cota brushes – It’s worthwhile buying a good brush. My painter recommended for us to buy Rota Cota brushes saying it is easier on the hand. We bought ours for $30 something AUD. Trust me it is worth the investment. You get less drip, the brush holds more paint and it’s more ergonomic.
  4. Wool skin rollers – I have yet to test ours out however once again my painter recommended buying wool skin rollers. Often Bunnings does not sell all these nicer products. Must be too expensive for the general public. Will give an update next time on how good / not good these rollers are.

A reminder to all that it’s Autumn. Guess with the chill in the air it’s hard not to notice. Well for the keen gardeners out there, did you know that Autumn is the best time to plant? It gives plants suffice time to establish their roots before the Summer heat. This gives the plant a higher chance of surviving. You may not notice however the growth is all below ground. On this note, my boyfriend and I have created 2 new garden beds, transplanted our original Korean box border and replaced it with a drift border of Stachy Big Ears and Ajuga ‘Caitlins Giant’.

2 new garden beds to create interest in the garden. Encloses the paved area to create a bit of intimacy.

Agave, Japanese Box (x12 required to create 1 square), festa glauca (incomplete need to buy more to complete the square)

Tip: When creating new garden beds it is good practice to buy plastic edging (informal look). This not only stops roots/grass from growing into the bed but stops water from running off the beds.

Drift border with Stachy 'Big ears' and Ajuga reptans ‘Caitlins Giant’

Tip: Use plants with contrasting colour or foliage (eg. leave shapes). Also see container example below.

Cardboard plant with Senecio Blue chalk

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