Some things we got up to last Fri/Sat

Planted the Pittosporum ‘Miss Muffet’ and Dianella utopia we purchased last weekend in front of the letter box. It was another back breaking exercise to condition the soil however this time my boyfriend did it solely on his own 🙂


After - Dianella 'Utopia', Pittosphorum 'Miss Muffet' layered with Lucerne Mulch

Tip: A friend told me one time that everything in “3” looks good.

Finally received my order from lamley – 6 x Sedum Purple Emperor, 6 x Senecio Vira Vira, 6 x Euphorbia Martini ‘Martin Splurge’, 6 x ‘Tulipa Tarda’ and 10 x Stachy Byzantina ‘Big ears’. They were well packaged however the stachy’s looked a little sad. Maybe cause it’s the end of the season or something as they were no longer posted on their website when I inquired about them.

The plants from Lamley arrived all packaged like this. Senecio Vira Vira

Positioning before planting

Final product - 3 of everything by order of height in each trough

3 days after planting (Planted on 26th Feb) - Senecio Vira Vira

3 days after planting (Planted on 26th Feb) - Sedum Purple Emperor

3 days after planting (Planted on 26th Feb) - Euphorbia Martin 'Martin Splurge'

Can’t remember the name of these Agaves. Found them at Bunnings along with the ‘on sale’ pot a few weekends ago. To memory it was only $20. A bargain. The succulents are cuttings from my garden. Finally managed to pot them. Need more succulents to finish my circle 😦

Agave with succulents

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