Spent Sunday Gardening again!

I must say you appreciate a nice garden when you get into gardening as you realise the amount of effort required to create one. The design, the build and then the maintenance.  It’s an ongoing ecosystem where a little TLC can make a huge difference. My boyfriend and I have mastered the maintenance part as the garden is currently very lush (particularly with all the rain and hot weather). What we’re doing now is making it a little more interesting, a little more “US”. This was what we got up to this weekend. Hope my new plants survived today’s 36.5 degrees heat wave 😦

Planted the dwarf mondo grass next to our recently transplanted Korean Buxus

The dwarf mondo grass assists to prevent the grass from growing into the Buxus

Dwarf mondo grass with succulent cuttings from my mum's garden

Planted Liriope Muscari 'Royal Purple' into my newly limed washed terracotta pots

Found these are Wirreadea Nursery. To my surprise it's the same family as the recent cuttings my friend gave me - Plectranthus. I must have a fettish for this family. Planted these in the troughs at the side of the house. They're called Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' and is suitable for shady conditions.


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