My first blog – Hello All!

Hello all. Welcome to my first blog. A conversation with a colleague today triggered me to start my own blog. The world of blogging is new and scary……what if, someone out there is reading my blog? Does it reveal too much? Is big brother watching? As you can see I am not generation Y,  who doesn’t give a sh$%t.

As I type, I find blogging like my other activities of yoga and gardening. It very therapeutic. Great for the mind. It creates time in the day for me to reflect. Reflect, so that I can ensure I am leading a balance lifestyle. Hence the name of the blog – 平衡 (PingHeng) meaning in balance or at equilibrium.

3 thoughts on “My first blog – Hello All!

  1. I like the succulent you plant. You can try bunches of impatient(spelling?) which help with colors & easy to grow. Wow, Ping into gardening! Great!

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